How to live together: THE SURVEY

Hello friends!

I'm working on a comic book. The theme is:

How you do live2.jpg

As such, I'm trying to get the inside scoop on how other people live together, what they have to do to make it work and their successes and failures when they encounter difficulties and incompatibilities. Then I want to draw those things!

If you would like to participate by taking a survey about your co-habitation experiences I would feel the burning gratitude of a thousand suns. Truly.

I may also ask if I can draw you, or your place, or send you some follow up questions - however the survey can be taken anonymously as well.

Thank you for even considering it friend. You deserve a cake. A CAKE!!!!

Your pal,


ps. Thanks lovely folks who sent some question ideas my way! 

pps. For the deep cuts readers, the comic book I was working on forever about going backpacking (in which Bjork appears my imagination...) has been shelved for the time being. More on that later.


If you currently live with someone, please click HERE.

If you used to live with someone, please click HERE.