Domestic Times Issue 1 is out!

So! Here is the first issue of my comic *magazine* Domestic Times!

As you may recall, months ago I posted some surveys online asking people to share the woes and joys of their living situations. I'm using answers from those surveys to make this magazine about trying to cohabitate. There's also letters, advice, a crossword, etc.!

In truth, this first issue is shorter than I intended because the second half of this year has just been off-the-wall stressful. At a certain point I just needed to finish it, and was only able to do so with Gilmore Girls playing incessantly in the background, because that show is an iced gingerbread cookie for your psyche. Anyways, I hope the future issues will be longer/live up to my unrealistic fantasies.

You can buy it here!

Also, if you’re interested in contributing to a future issue, please go here!

I'll be reading excerpts from it Wednesday, November 12 at Pegasus Books in Berkeley with MariNaomi and Rick Worley at 7:30 pm.